Dr. Tony Hill

Dr. Antony (Tony) Hill
is a clinical psychologist who works as a profiler for the Bradfield police; he specialises in repeat violent offenders, and has come into contact with a number of serial killers throughout his turbulent career. He suffers from dyspraxia and has poor social skills. He draws his satisfaction in life from analysing and understanding damaged minds, something that he often fears has affected him deeply - an affliction he refers to in the novels as his attempts at "passing for human." He can't stand arguing, having once said that it reminds him of being a child ("the grown-ups are shouting and it must be my fault").

He is often accompanied on his investigations by DI and later DCI Carol Jordan in Series 1 to 3 and then by DI Alex Fielding in Series 4 to 6. He enjoys video games such as Tomb Raider.

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